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Feb 28, 2024

There are things that tie every Trader Joe’s together – delicious products, terrific everyday prices, and phenomenal Crew Members to name a few. Yet every store is also different. How can they all be different? That’s easy – we’re a neighborhood grocery store, and every store is in a unique neighborhood. The Crew reflects the neighborhood, the layout of the store reflects the neighborhood, and there are often signs and murals that reflect the neighborhood. Our store in Providence, Rhode Island is a great neighborhood store, with lots of only-in-Providence features to celebrate – let’s go, Parcel six!

In this episode of Inside Trader Joe’s, we’re going both inside and outside our store in Providence, Rhode Island, to get up close and personal with this quintessential neighborhood store.  

If you're in Providence, check out the store and their one-of-a-kind mural in person. And if you're not in Providence, you can check out images of their gorgeous mural in the images below, courtesy of The Avenue Concept. And click here for more information about the mural and its incorporation of Providence's history. Good stuff, indeed! 

Transcript (PDF)


Providence Mural from Above


Providence Mural from Front